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Goodbye, old friend

I'm sitting at my computer researching images for an idea while paying bills when something pops up in Internet Explorer. I have no idea what or why, and it annoyed me. Since they are discontinuing Internet Explorer and I NEVER use it*, I decided I should probably just delete it.

*mostly because I hate it

So now I'm looking through my start menu, trying to remember where it is and how to delete it. I contemplate messaging a friend to ask them how. Stopping myself when I figure this is something I should know how to do, or at the very least, should be able to google on my own. I decide not to ask and continue poking around my computer until I figure it out.

While searching through the different programs, I'm instantly back in the memory of when I first discovered Internet Explorer. Almost like when Harry Potter fell into Dumbledore's memories in the Pensieve, only with a lot less flair.

I'm 14, maybe 15, and I'm staying at my Aunt Lori's house. I loved staying here!! She was the best aunt ever, PLUS I got cable tv and a COMPUTER in my BEDROOM?!!?!

I remember how amazing this had felt. This had been my first experience with a computer in a home. Sure, we had them as school, but they had rules and teachers to enforce them. Here my imagination was my only limitation.

I remember the feeling of having the power of the whole world's knowledge at the tips of my fingers. I had so many questions and needed answers to every single one. One question led to another. I would find myself groggily letting my stressed eyes focus on something, anything. Blinkingly blearily at the clock. It's *2:23*? That can't be correct? Didn't we just have dinner? How is this possible that it's 2 o'clock in the morning...?

I remember that Daria had come on at midnight and that I watched it. I vaguely remember my Aunt Lori coming to say "goodnight, sweetheart," before she went to bed. I'm still a little confused by the passage of time. I glance back at the computer screen, blindingly blue-white in the quiet darkness, with the 48 open windows/tabs and the 15 chat windows I have open. I remember how I got here.

I finally find the Internet Explorer icon on my laptop and figure out how to uninstall it. I have a brief moment of panic. Can I say goodbye to this old dinosaur that I hate yet gave me my first taste? While I click uninstall, I observe a moment of silence. I recall a memory of flushing my beloved fish down the toilet. The one I won yesterday at the fair. Who knew that you weren't supposed to pet fish. I offer a silent prayer to the universe thanking it for providing this experience with a sad fondness.

But seriously, I cannot express how ecstatic I am to finally delete this old dinosaur! I have hated every random health care portal that demands that you pay tribute because they aren't emotionally ready to let go. To those of you, I hope you can find peace within your sadness. I understand. Honestly, it was time.

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1 commentaire

Melita Ray
Melita Ray
11 juil. 2022

Wow those are some old memories that got conjured up.

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