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D = v*t + 1/2*a*t^2

Time moves in such a peculiar way. We look at an event in the past or the future and gauge how far it takes us to move between them. While it's true that you can measure the distance from each point precisely using science, the way an individual identifies with that period is unique. And it's wholly subjective. Two weeks until a big test or your wedding will feel like time moved differently than if you were waiting two weeks for something dreaded. And once two weeks have passed, it can either be the longest two weeks of your life, or you can wonder how it has been two weeks already.

It's interesting to me how similar time and distance move. In February, Matt and I went for a hike; he suggested hiking on Lake Pepin since it was frozen. I've always feared being out on the ice and the constant anxiety I felt about EVERYTHING. Going out onto the ice means certain death. If the ice doesn't break open and we fall into the depths, trapping us under the thick ice to drown, an Orca Whale will definitely crash through the ice and swallow me whole. (I saw it in a movie when I was like 6, it has to be true!!)

Matt is the first person I have ever known that can silence my anxieties. He can quiet the inner voice that tells me that "the sky is falling." He doesn't even know he's doing it. He's calm and takes me seriously when I ask him absurd questions about infinite unrealistic possibilities, and claims to love me still, even though I'm clearly certifiable at times.

I challenged myself to walk "halfway!" even though Matt said it was about three miles. We walked, and walked, and walked, and I swear it took days to get precisely nowhere. We were no closer to the other side than what had been days ago! However, when I turned back, I'd clearly made progress away from the starting side, though I appeared no closer to the other side or even halfway (my destination) when I looked at the map!

We never did make it halfway that trip. As Matt had predicted, it was way more than I had anticipated. We walked about 3 miles on the ice a few weeks later, but we walked along the shore instead of straight across. And you know what? It wasn't worth the anxiety. And the second trip was much easier than the first. Both physically and mentally. (Next year, we will tackle across before the ice melts!)

I've been mulling over this post, and the larger the gap in time from my last post, the harder this post became to write. I've been thinking and rethinking how to start the perfect "sorry I'm late post." But the more time went by, the more anxious that I became thinking about writing this next post became. I want my readers to feel engaged and look forward to my next post. I want them to look for a new blog every *month, week, whatever*. So as time slipped by, I thought about it more and more, dreading the next post. How do I start it? Do I explain where I've been and perhaps make some promise? Do I act as though no time has passed? But let's be honest. The only people really reading this blog right now already know me reasonably well, and if you know me at all, you know I'm notorious for too many "good-intentioned" ideas. I often dream bigger than I can accomplish.

But I'm on an incredible adventure, and have so many exciting stories for future blog posts, that I can't allow "this one" to stop me from sharing!! So I present to you, wanna be over achieving, master procrastinating, unapologetically me.

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Melita Ray
Melita Ray
28 abr 2022

Nice job! I look forward to living my life vicariously through your adventures and am glad that Matt has a calming effect on you!

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